Our Background

NGO’s such as SmileTrain, Operation Smile, Interplast are a few of the larger organizations that work in places around the world. Partnering with groups such as these that share our passion for continuity of care and fostering relationships with local health care teams in an environment of shared learning and training is something we value and maximizes excellent outcomes in providing quality-care long before and long after any surgery is performed.


Cupcakes for Clefts seeks to partner with existing cleft NGO’s in funding cleft care overseas as well as to partner with communities in the U.S in particular assisting with some of the costs of cleft orthodontic care which often remains unfunded or at best poorly funded even in the U.S.

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How We Are Different

Our goals to be involved both in mission trips in underserved parts of the world but also to help out in our own individual communities enables people to get involved locally and to choose where to allocate their donation- whether that is to help children with cleft needs in their own communities or abroad in areas where poverty and lack of access to quality health care are common.


Additionally our very name “Cupcakes for Clefts” is an effort to allow all ages of volunteers to participate in activities as simple as eating or selling a cupcake at school, church or other community events and donating those proceeds for children with clefts. Thank you for your interest and support- In the words of a friend, “No One ‘Cleft’ Behind.”


Cupcakes for Clefts